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On Campus. Reimagined.

  • Redstone Lofts
  • Redstone Lofts
  • Redstone Lofts
  • Redstone Lofts
  • Redstone Lofts
  • Redstone Lofts
  • Redstone Lofts

Redstone Lofts are state-of-the-art, on-campus independent student apartments. The building offers a modern, vibrant, safe and social student living experience. Conveniently located on campus, between the Redstone Campus and the Gutterson athletic facilities, Redstone Lofts is an exciting, contemporary living option for University of Vermont students who are no longer required to live in a residence hall. This housing community is all about the student, and features modern amenities and technology, offering a comfortable and convenient on-campus lifestyle.

Modern Student Living.

Redstone Lofts was designed with an assortment of desirable contemporary amenities that offer a safe, comfortable living space and a vibrant social atmosphere. Enjoy the benefits of living off campus… on campus!


  • Washer/dryer*
  • Free wireless and hardwired internet access
  • Free basic cable TV service
  • Fully furnished apartments
  • Air conditioning
  • Microwave, electric range, refrigerator
  • Dishwasher

*in most units


  • Adjacent to UVM athletic fields/bike path
  • BBQ areas
  • Patio areas


  • Theatre/media room
  • Common areas/study rooms
  • On-site copying/printing/scanning
  • On-site property manager/maintenance
  • Secured building with key-card access
  • 24 hour fitness facility
  • Fireplace/lounge
  • Mountain/lake views
  • Elevators
  • On-site parking
  • Access to UVM CATS shuttle
  • Covered bike storage
  • Central mail area
  • Billiards, ping-pong and foosball tables
  • Flat-screen televisions in common areas

Live Green.

(Redstone Lofts vs. typical Burlington Apartment)


  • Certified LEED Silver*
  • Highly efficient building envelope
  • High efficiency mechanical and electrical systems
  • Abundant natural light
  • Low-VOC paint
  • Ventless dryers
  • Covered bike storage
  • CarShare VT (access conveniently located across the street)
  • Rain garden
  • High-albedo roof
  • Dual-paned windows
Living Green
Heat & Hot Water 1.6 5.4
Electricity .04 .06
Transportation 0 3.8
Totals (Metric tons of CO2/Year 1.6 9.3

*One 2005 Subaru per Apt. / 50 miles per week

*LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an internationally-recognized green building certification system. LEED provides building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. U.S. Green Building Council

Live Connected.

We are conveniently located between the UVM Redstone Campus and The Gutterson Athletic Facilities and just a short walk from the main academic campus. The UVM CATS shuttle stop is located steps away, connecting you to the entire UVM campus and downtown Burlington. We also offer onsite parking and covered bike storage.

Redstone Lofts
165 & 185 Davis Road
Burlington, VT 05401 MAP
Local: 802.540.1751
Campus Map

Live it. Love it. Loft it.

At the Redstone Lofts we offer 7 different fully-furnished living options. You can choose from studios, one-bedroom single occupancy, one-bedroom double occupancy, two-bedroom single occupancy, two-bedroom double occupancy, three bedroom, or four bedroom apartments. Each plan features everything you need, providing for a convenient and independent lifestyle.

STUDIO / 1 Bed / Download Floor Plan

1 BEDROOM / 1 Bed / Download Floor Plan

1 BEDROOM / 2 Beds / Download Floor Plan

2 BEDROOM / 2 Beds / Download Floor Plan

2 BEDROOM / 4 Beds / Download Floor Plan

3 BEDROOM / 3 Beds / Download Floor Plan

4 BEDROOM / 4 Beds / Download Floor Plan

Independent. Convenient. Community.

Redstone Lofts was designed with an assortment of desirable contemporary amenities that offer a safe, comfortable living space and a vibrant social atmosphere. Enjoy the benefits of living off campus…on campus! Have more questions? Check out our FAQ's.


What to do before moving in:

  • Make a plan. Go over the floorplans of your space to get a feel of what you want/need.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of items that you may need for your apartment.


  • Shower curtain, liner & rings
  • Cup, soap dish and toothbrush holder
  • Rug/bath mat
  • Towels/washcloths
  • Wastebasket
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet brush
  • Plunger


  • Pots and pans
  • Cooking utensils
  • Dishes, glasses and silverware
  • Dish towels
  • Paper towels and holder
  • Wastebasket
  • Small kitchen appliances


  • Lamps
  • Television
  • Blu-ray/DVD player
  • Plants & other decorative items


  • Vacuum cleaner and bags
  • Mop, broom & dustpan
  • Bucket, sponges, rags & a duster
  • Cleaners: all-purpose, tub/tile, floor, glass, toilet, bleach, etc.
  • Laundry supplies (basket, detergent, fabric softener, ironing board, iron, drying rack)


  • "extra long" full bed linens
  • Alarm clock
  • Surge protectors/Advanced Power Strip
  • Hangers

More than just an apartment, it's a community.

About Us
Redstone Lofts is owned and managed by Redstone Commercial Group, a commercial real estate firm located in Burlington, VT with over 25 years of expertise in Brokerage, Development and Property Management. Redstone Commercial Group is owned by local businessmen and UVM Alumni, Larry Williams (Class of 1982).

On-site Professional Management and Maintenance Staff
Redstone Lofts offers on-site property management, maintenance, and student staff members who are experienced and skilled in addressing tenants’ residential needs. Redstone Lofts provides a hands-on and responsive service to all maintenance concerns or problems tenants may have.

Individual Lease Liability
Redstone Lofts offers individual leases for each tenant. Each bedroom suite has its own separate lease, regardless of unit occupancy; thus, you are only responsible for the rent of your bedroom. Through this method, you can ensure the peace of mind of knowing you are not responsible for your roommates’ obligations.

Affordable, Convenient, Safe
All of our apartments are fully-furnished with modern furniture and fixtures included in the rent. Tenants only need to bring personal items. All utilities are included except for electricity, and each apartment is metered separately. State of the art mechanical and life-safety fire systems, fully sprinklered, noncombustible construction, Certified LEED Silver, card key access, security cameras and UVM emergency services provide a safe solution for all Redstone Lofts’ tenants. Have more questions?...check out our FAQ's.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I move in?

You can move in on the first day of your lease term. Some leases begin on June 1 and others on August 1. Please email in advance to schedule your move.

What types of floor plans will be available:

There are 7 different living options available: Studio apartments, 1 & 2 bedroom single occupancy, 1 & 2 bedroom double occupancy, 3 bedroom, and 4 bedroom apartments.

What types of finishes are in the apartments?

  • Simulated wood-style flooring
  • Carpet in living and bedroom spaces
  • Full bathrooms with bath tub/shower and vinyl simulated wood tile

Are the units furnished or unfurnished?

Each suite comes fully furnished:

  • Bedroom:
    • Full XL bed (dimensions = 54"x80")
    • Stand alone dresser or under bed drawers
    • Armoire
    • Hardwired for internet/TV
  • Common area:
    • Couch
    • Side table/chairs
    • Coffee table
    • Kitchen table or counter island with chairs
    • Appliances: refrigerator/freezer, oven/stove, and microwave
    • Dishwasher and washer/dryer in most units

Do I need to bring furniture?

No. Redstone Lofts provides modern furniture and fixtures included in your rent.

What kind of heat is in the apartments?

Each apartment has individually controlled thermostats that control heat and air conditioning.

What utilities will I have to pay for?

All utilities are included in your rent except electric. This includes cable TV, wireless internet, hardwired internet connection, water, sewer, trash removal/recycling, landscaping, and snow removal.

Will there be a fitness center in the building?

Yes. The fitness center will include cardio and weight lifting equipment.

Is the building "green"? If so, what are the features?

Redstone Lofts is seeking LEED Silver certification and will have a highly efficient building envelope along with high efficiency mechanical and electrical systems. The apartments will also feature abundant natural light/ventilation, low-VOC paint and ventless dryers.

How long is the lease?

51 week contract term.

Do I have to move out during breaks and over the summer?

No, you do not; lease contract terms include UVM breaks.

Can I view an apartment before I sign a lease?

Yes, we show apartments during business hours. An appointment must be made in advance.

How do I sign my lease?

Once your application has been approved, you will receive a notification from our office. At this point, you can make an appointment to come to the Lofts on-site office to sign your lease. It is recommended that all roommates plan to come to the lease signing together.

What do I pay when I sign the lease?

A security deposit equal to one month’s rent is due at lease signing.

When/how do I get my deposit back?

Your security deposit is fully refundable within 14 days of your move out date provided everything is left in good order.

Is the rent rate per apartment or per bed?

The amount you pay is per bedroom.  Each room within the apartment unit is leased individually.

What is an individual lease?

Redstone Lofts leases by the bedroom.  Each bedroom suite has its own individual lease and each resident is responsible for only his/her monthly rent installment.  All roommates are equally responsible for damages or missing furnishings in common areas.  By signing an individual lease, you will not be held liable for any delinquent amounts owed by your roommate(s).

When is the Lofts on-site management office open?

The Lofts on-site office is open Monday-Friday from 9-5.

What if I don't want to stay for the full leasing term?

You are still responsible for paying the rent, however you can sublet.

What does sublet mean?

A sublet is when a current resident finds a tenant to take over part of his/her lease, but that resident remains in full responsibility for the unit. Therefore, a sublet is an extended guest of the apartment, of that resident. A current resident may wish to sublet if he/she plans on returning to his/her unit at any time during the lease agreement, or if he/she wishes to renew for the following lease year.

I am not sure about subletting; can I break my lease instead?

No, we do not offer lease breaking as an option.

Do my parents have to sign the lease? Is a guarantor required?

Each resident is required to have a guarantor complete the guaranty application.

When is rent due? Is there a late fee?

Rent is due the first of every month.  If rent is paid late, applicable fees will apply.

What if my roommate causes damage? Am I still responsible?

Each resident will be responsible for his/her own bedroom space.  All common areas will be the shared responsibility of all roommates.

What are the requirements to apply and be accepted to live here?

Redstone Lofts is open to students who have fulfilled or do not have an on-campus residency requirement with UVM Resident Life. All applicants are reviewed by UVM Residential Life for approval to be a Lofts’ resident.

How do I pay my rent?

The most convenient and secure way to pay is through Rent Track, our online rent payment provider. However, those who prefer to pay by check on the first of each month can make all checks payable to "Catamount Student Housing, LLC."

Who will I call for maintenance?

Residents can contact the Property Manager and Maintenance team at any time by filing a maintenance request online. Redstone Lofts also provides hands-on and responsive service to emergency maintenance concerns through an after-hours on call service.

Do I get to choose which apartment I want?

Apartments will be leased on a first-come-first-served basis.

How will the property be managed?

Redstone Lofts offers an on-site team made up of property management, maintenance, and student staff members who are experienced and skilled in addressing tenants’ residential needs.

Can I drink alcohol in my apartment? In the common spaces?

You will be able to drink in your Lofts apartment if you are of legal age, however drinking is prohibited in all common areas which includes the Lantern, lobbies and any outdoor spaces.

How do I receive packages?

As a courtesy to our tenants we accept packages from UPS, FEDEX, and DHL delivered on-site to our management office. Residents are notified via email when there is a package available for pick-up. Package sizes should be kept to a minimum and residents should plan to pick up items within 48 hours of delivery.

What time can packages be picked up?

Packages are available for pick-up during Manager’s Office Hours or during the Community Advisor evening or weekend hours.

Who owns and manages Redstone Lofts?

Redstone Lofts is owned and managed by Redstone Commercial Group, a full service commercial real estate firm located in Burlington, VT with over 20 years of expertise in Brokerage, Development and Property Management.  Redstone is owned by Larry Williams (UVM Alumni, class of '82) and Erik Hoekstra.

Is there parking?

Yes parking is available on a first-come first-served basis for $660/year.  Both open and covered parking is available.  No specific parking spots will be assigned.

Is there guest parking?

The Redstone Lofts has ten metered guest parking spots. These ten spaces are located in the south parking lot facing the UVM playing fields. These are on a first come, first serve basis. They are not able to be reserved.

Is there bike storage?

Yes, there is covered bike storage. A bike permit (obtained free of charge from the Management Office) will be necessary on your bike in order use the bike racks.

Are there washers and dryers?

Most apartments are equipped with a washer and dryer. Smaller units without this amenity have access to a community laundry room equipped with commercial grade machines that are free for use.

Is there free Wi-Fi throughout the building, including the apartments?

Yes, we offer both hard wired and wireless broadband connectivity.

Are pets allowed at Redstone Lofts?

Pets are not allowed.

How will I receive my mail?

The mailboxes are located outside below the lantern. There is one mailbox per apartment.

Contact Us.

Interested in learning more about Redstone Lofts? Contact us or sign up below to receive more information.

Redstone Lofts
Redstone Lofts
c/o Redstone
165 Davis Road
Burlington, VT, 05401MAP
Local: 802.540.1751
Fax: 802.732.9044

Inquire Now

Requested Roommates (3 maximum):

Roommates: If you are applying to lease an apartment in Redstone Lofts together with specific roommates, please indicate their names above. Each roommate must separately apply for residency in Redstone Lofts and comply with all application requirements, and each roommate must select each other roommate on his/her application form before Landlord will agree to lease an apartment to a specified group.

This application is non-binding. Applicant may not take possession of a bedroom or apartment until: (a) all lease documents including, but not limited to, a Guaranty in form and substance satisfactory to Landlord, are properly executed by all parties and delivered to and accepted by Landlord; (b) rent, a security deposit and a parking fee (if Tenant chooses to license a parking space) are paid to Landlord in accordance with Lease, with the first month’s rent, the security deposit and parking fee due at the time the Lease is signed; and (c) the apartment/bedroom is available. Applicant understands and acknowledges that a specific apartment and bedroom will not be assigned until all roommates are approved by Landlord.

Thank you for applying, we will contact you within 5 business days.